Kladské pomezí

Adršpach and surroundings

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The main destination of visitors to Adršpach is a world-famous sandstone town which, together with the Teplické skály (Teplice Rocks), ranks among the largest continuous rock massifs in Central Europe.
They are accessible through sightseeing routes (admission charged). Most renowned rock formations in Adršpašské skály (Adršpach Rocks) include Milenci (Lovers), which is also the highest - 103 m, Starosta (Mayor) and Starostová (Mayor’s Wife), Homole Cukru (Sugar Loaf), etc. A small and large waterfall and a boat tour on a rock lake will make your visit to the rocks even more exciting.

ruins of the Adršpach Castle; Křížový vrch (Cross Peak) – with a view of the Krkonoše Mountains’ range. A path to this peak is lined up with cast-iron reliefs of the Stations of the Cross embedded in the rock walls.