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Česká Skalice and surroundings

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Česká Skalice
Česká Skalice and Babiččino údolí (Grandmother’s Valley) are closely connected with the personality and work of the most significant Czech female writer Božena Němcová. The town is situated on the banks of the Úpa River, near the Rozkoš (Delight) Dam, also referred to as “East Bohemian Sea”. The Rozkoš valley dam is a sought-after recreation place, a destination of aquatic sport lovers and fishermen. By the town centre, you can visit the Museum of Božena Němcová, Barunka’s School and 1866 Museum. Attractive bicycling trails and marked hiking trails, as well as several thematic educational trails are located here.
Babiččino údolí (national cultural monument) – includes the Ratibořice Chateau in the Napoleonic Empire’s style, Panský hostinec (Masters Inn), Panský mlýn (Masters Mill), Vodní mandl (Water Mangle), the monument “Grandmother with Children”, Staré bělidlo (Old Bleachery) and Viktorčin splav (Viktorka’s Weir).